Project C: Health & Food GYEM Campaing


For this project, the client was GYEM and we had to produce a campaign name, posters, announcements and a video. Each of us decided of what quarter of the campaign they would be in, and whoever chose the same quarter gets to be in the same team. The quarter I have chosen is “How food affects us + people + environment + the Future”. Our audience was the youth, so we had to do our best to match a style that would reach and represent the youth in a manner. I have had 4 other team members, and we were collaborating throughout the project.

Campaign name
Say Haih! (Say yes in English)

Say Haih to Youth Power

Youth can make a change and have the power to do so by making better decisions for a better future.

Task assigned

So I have picked to do an info graphics poster about this topic. I have gone through trials and errors during this short time, 3 weeks I believe. Below is my final outcome.

Final Poster (Explained at the end of the post)

This is a very long post, so if you would like to view the rest, please click “Read More”

My team members
Afra (Team Lead)

Task 1

I believed that if each of us in the team started with the ground work, we would have a better understanding about this project. So our first task was collaborative, and each of us had to come up with their campaign names, taglines, and logo sketches.


– Choose smartly, be healthier
– Stay youthful, eat healthy


– It is more than an Apple
– It is not just an Apple (same as first, but re-wording)
– Think healthy
– Healthy is the trend
– Know what you eat
– Health matters
– Got Apple? (haha, yeah, same idea from “Got Milk?” so it will probably not work)


none of my ideas were chosen, and have picked Roudha’s logo, campaign name, and tagline. But we were asked to further refine the logo, so I have came with sketches. One of the Sketches was chosen, but was heavily criticized on the last critique/presentation, which might need to be changed.

Very quick digital logo of one (was not displayed/chosen though)

Chosen Logo – My refinement


Of course, with starting my inforgraphics, I needed to have an idea of what I’m going to be presenting in the poster. So I have watched Food Inc.and also did research along the way.

My notes from Food Inc.

This is a document containing copied text from resources, with stating them. I have used bits and pieces, or an extreme summary, or just have used it for my knowlwdge.


Those are other resources I have looked along the way while creating the inforgraphics.

Eating Less Meat And Junk Food Could Cut Fossil Energy Fuel Use Almost In Half

Banana fruit nutrition facts

Image with info about additives

Facts about Pollution from Livestock Farms

Top 15 Foods That Make You Smell Bad

Fast food Project (UAE based) (.docx)…

Secrets of the Processed Food Industry Revealed…

Processed foods linked to increase in obesity and cancer

Obesity in the UAE – Research (.pdf) (68% overweight, I calculated that with current total population (8 mill something), and got 5.6 million something, but in the infographics I put it 5 mill)…

The Story of Corn

Here is my contribution to the video content.

It is my train of thought, so it may be no understandable

This was also initially an idea for the announcement, but it didn’t end this way

(Sketch: train of thought, which might not be understandable)
As for the announcement, I wanted to think about teenager/youth kind of perspective which is: “I’m only one, what can I possibly do? I’m pretty sure that an actions of one person wont hurt that much!”

So, this will address the “Power of one” or “Power of one youth” (doesn’t really make a difference). We wanted to display how one’s decision can affects so much without even being aware of that, and not only themselves but also people, economics, and environment. The key here is that an individual would need to start reading food labels, and whether its organic or home grown, because this kind of decision would affect the national community.

First, once they start buying more homegrown food they would support more regional/national jobs to other people, thus increasing job availability (especially farming, despite the fact machinery has replaced many).
Second, since more jobs to people would be open, it would increase the job acceptability rate, and would have a supporting economics, a self-sufficient society.
Third, since they wont be supporting buying food from outside (exported food), they wont be supporting the big enormous ships that goes through oceans and uses silly amount of fuel that destroys water habitat; environment friendly.
Fourth, they would benefit because organic food is much better than processed food (I’m still kinda behind this subject, so I don’t have much information).

An ending note would be “With you, all this could happen”.

A worthy note would be that the announcement would be working alongside with the video, so it will be related.

And now…


Like I have mentioned before, I had gone through trial and error for this project, and was not easy at all.

1st Poster

Aimed for youth attention level about how the food we eat affects our body system. This is only a very basic sketch of a girl eating a burger and drinking a coke, I’d also mention it still has the very minimal information, but still gives an idea. The 2 posters are aimed to be displayed together to enhance the title “Wait! Did you see this?” or “Wait! Did you know this?” that goes across both posters, but they can also work independently and would just need to add what kind of version of poster is this (either junk food, or healthy).

It will mention harmful aspects, but also unwanted things among teenagers, which I think that might strengthen the message and raise awareness. A lot of youth wants to look good, yet some are still unaware that their eating habits are not supporting.

I am very much aware that problems like Acne, or disturbance in digestive system might have other external sources other than food itself. But I also do know a lot of people who overeat chocolate and get Acne because of it, as for the digestive disturbance junk food simply lacks the fibers and the good nutrients to have a good flow for the digestive system which can cause tummy aches, and irritable bowel movement.

I have learned that my previous illustration in the poster might look like biology, and might be not as interesting.

So I have changed my idea that actions speak greater than words, and that I would like to illustrate the things I have demonstrated in my previous poster format. I wanted to go into the sketchy feel because I didn’t want the youth, or students to relate it to school kind of format.
I also wanted to make it simpler, and much easier to understand with actions youth can relate to.

2nd Poster

The idea behind it is that Food and health is progressive, we do things that affects us and affects other things as well. This zigzag element gives the hierarchy and shows off of what I meant by progressive. So this idea demonstrates Fast food and red meat affects health, and we can improve that by eating healthy food (How food effect us). The problem after that was that I couldn’t directly relate healthy food with food ethics and environment cause I didn’t want to display it as a negative issue, but the junk food is (Ethics + Enviroment).
Anyhow, the ethics and the environment are going to convey negative outcome of junk food (changes will be discussed below), so that gives us the question of what can be done about it, or is there hope? (Future)

Placing healthy food under Future: would act as the best choice for the future. (for example ending the future with sad results (expected results) of how many people can be affected by the junk food industry) but then ending it with, “We can make a choice, we can make it better” and suggest healthy food as an alternative.

3rd and final poster

I figured that its truly difficult to combine so much info and also from different field together. In my earlier poster I have been trying to combine it all together, which was truly difficult, and since I have not figured out the best way,  it wouldn’t work out. So I chose something to a similar path to my first poster, but in abetter and easier approach. Which id an infographic that can act as an individual or together (ideal).

So…I still took some elements from my previous poster, the human figure action. Which again is “Actions speaks better than words”, but in this one, I wanted to show that there is a culprit in numbers (Junk food and red meat). I thought putting them into that context might better demonstrate what is happening today and “how is food affecting us” (keyword for one of the objective of the campaign)

Then I wanted to address why is this happening to us, so I introduced what we eat from the industries. Even though I have displayed a cow, chickens also get the same treatment. I have mentioned some environment factors such as water, and disease.

After that, I wanted to further demonstrate one of the causes: Processed food. Processed food harms us and the environment and is not sustainable (uses a lot of energy). In this case I have shown Corn, because corn is in many things, and many doesn’t know.

Finally, I wanted to show a healthier future that is affected by youth/our decisions. Those decisions are healthier, sustainable, and supports the community.

I wanted to add that,
when I was at this point, I was having a difficult time, and my teacher gave me a push, so I thank her for that.



Unfortunately those are the only two of digital process I could find. I was in a great hurry creating it, with little sleep carrying me on, so I mist have forgetting to save along the way.


I have been trying to refine my info graphics into a less overwhelming, because I’ve a comment that it was. Its still at is very early stages, and nothing really on it.

please click on the link to view, some text needs to change


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  1. Sara says :

    love the ‘what does your food say’ posters graphics!

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